Where was this before I was pregnant?

This fantastic book should be on every woman's bookshelf- I intend to buy a copy and make it my personal pelvic floor bible. I so wish it had been available before I got pregnant, before I gave birth, or indeed when I was younger.

I am 43, and have some very personal reasons for wanting to read this excellent book.  However, women of any age,  mums, mums-to-be and women who don't have children should read it. There is something for every woman in this very interesting, informative and clearly written book. It includes excellent exercises, diagrams and photographs.

As Mary writes:  'Every woman should think of her pelvic floor muscles as " The Queen"  of her core muscles’  – by looking after these you will continue to keep the Queen happily reigning throughout your life!

I had many reasons for wanting to read this book and for trying to find ways to help support my pelvic floor muscles – they have been through a lot, especially over the past few years!  I had two difficult, very long, traumatic labours and medically assisted births.  I felt myself nodding in agreement at many of the scenarios described in the book. Although I have always 'tried' to do my pelvic floor exercises, this book and Mary's advice has made me appreciate just how incredibly important these exercises are for my wellbeing in the future. Don't miss out; you owe it to yourself to read this must-have book!

Pip Wheelwright, Review from TIPS Newsletter