Redsok is the publishing and events hub for a range of education resources for clinicians and health users.

We have a range of books on pelvic floor health and control (for men and women) written by leading clinical teachers. We also coordinate teaching events for physiotherapists and other health practitioners on clinical and business development topics.

Quick Links

Business Training, Mentoring and Information for health professionals and others – www.practitionerbusinessacademy.com

Recovery from Prostate Cancer treatmentwww.prostaterecoverymap.com

Avoiding the onset, progression or recurrence of Prostate Cancerwww.prostateplaybook.com

Increasing client satisfaction and numbers through skillful scripts and situational awareness – Book More Clients – turning customers into cash flow

Pelvic Floor skills and maintenance during pregnancy & birthHold It Mama – the pelvic floor and core workbook for pregnancy birth and beyond by Mary O’Dwyer, Women’s Health Physiotherapist

Your pelvic floor through all life stagesHold It Sister – the confident girls guide to a leak-free life by Mary O’Dwyer, Women’s Health Physiotherapist