The Business of Health

Health practitioners have a huge amount of reading and researching to keep up with current knowledge, new techniques and advances in their field. There is a never ending stream of information arriving every day.

Imagine if there was a similar amount of information generated on the strategies, skills and activities of efficiently running a business. A business like yours. Stop imagining - such a deep wealth of information exists but rarely appears in medical or health related journals or web sites.

Here at Redsok we bridge the space between health and clinical services and the business of leadership, management and cost versus value.

Through workshops, information blogs, books (well, a book) and tailored in-house training for your team Craig Allingham (MBA & Physiotherapist) speaks your language as you strive to bring your business outcomes to the high level of your clinical outcomes. His workshops are highly enjoyable, stimulating, practical and cost-effective. They pay for themselves in the first couple of months.

More well known for his clinical teaching in sports physiotherapy, shoulders and low back rehabilitation (which he still does but less frequently) Craig now specialises in business consulting, teaching and mentoring in the private practitioner health space, with occasional forays into leadership and management in other fields.

He also is a leading practitioner and speaker on men's health, especially prostate cancer and recovery, physical health, delaying ageing, defying gravity and productivity through healthy living.

Apart from business, our other areas of training and support are:

  1. Women's Health - Mary O'Dwyer has three books on pelvic floor training and pregnancy and birth preparation/recovery. She is an international teacher speaking regularly to physiotherapists, midwives and trainers. Her current workshop on managing pelvic dysfunction integrates women's health with musculoskeletal physiotherapy and provides valuable skills for any physiotherapist treating women.
  2. Men's Health - Craig Allingham is a vigorous and exciting advocate for men's health and a frequent speaker at conference events and meetings. His recent book is on recovery following prostate surgery but his interest encompasses the wider issues of men and why/how they could make better health decisions throughout life. Always entertaining.
  3. Clinical Skills for Physiotherapists - Mary of course delivers her pelvic floor and dysfunction workshops to various groups, and Craig is renowned for his expertise with shoulders, foot and ankle problems and also rehabilitation of the lumbar spine. One day workshops on all these areas are available. Both Mary and Craig have extensive experience and have taught in University programs as well as under the Redsok banner.


Our various workshops are delivered throughout Australia as well as in New Zealand, Dubai, Ireland and the UK. Occasional sessions in New York may occur and we are planning to introduce them to Canada.

Workshops are either run by Redsok in a 'hosting venue' or are requested by a Health Dept. or service to deliver quality professional development event for their staff. Hosting a Redsok event at your facility usually extends to registrants from outside your business however we can also tailor an in-house program for your team. This may be totally clinical or business focused, or a combination of the two streams.


To contact us regarding workshops, keynote speaking or consulting for your group or organisation our details are

PO Box 1881, Buderim, Qld. Australia. 4556

E: craig@redsok.com

Ph: +61 (0)7 5445 4997


Posted: 3 months 2 weeks ago

Business plans are important tools for any owner, and in my role as a QIP practice surveyor I have seen many such plans - some brilliant and some in need of work. Not a lot of work, as most are pretty close to the mark and just need firmer time frames and outcome measures. But none of them was a strategic document.

Posted: 3 months 4 weeks ago

Interesting developments with the Australian Physiotherapy Association keen to work with me in delivering quality business education to practitioners and leaders through 2017. Dates, topics and places are yet to be determined but this should be sorted soon. The first event is likely to be an on-line lecture in Feb or March on the Seven Sins of Physio Business. Join in and discover the mistakes we all make and hopefully what you can learn from them. Details will be posted in the events list when available.

Posted: 3 months 4 weeks ago

Over the last 18 months our four person teaching team of Stuart Baptist, Jo Milios, Peter Dornan and Craig Allingham have delivered an innovative and practical workshop for physios interested in men's health. Mastering the Martians is a day full of prostate recovery (continence and erectile function), male pelvic pain, exercise as a recovery strategy and practical sessions on real time ultrasound. More than 120 physios have completed the Martians workshop and now we are taking a break for six months at least to review, rethink and rework the program.

Posted: 1 year 4 months ago

What a fabulous workshop in Brisbane last weekend where I had the privilege of co-teaching alongside Peter Dornan AM, Jo Milios and Stuart Baptist. Three of the best men's health physios in the country. We had participants from NSW, North Qld, New Zealand and as a special treat Prof. Paul Hodges came along and I suspect Paul doesn't attend many courses these days. He told me his research has been funded for a further five years so we look forward to more cracking good work for we clinicians to apply and adapt to.

Posted: 1 year 7 months ago

Registrations for the MASTERING THE MARTIAN men's health workshop on Nov 8 are now open and already attracting physios keen to learn practical skills, effective training and improved strategies for communication and marketing. To see the program and to register online click here.

Posted: 1 year 7 months ago

Health practitioners are notoriously poor at marketing. Brilliant at other stuff, but reluctant if not timid when it comes to marketing their services. I am not talking of selling, well not the sort of selling that gives retailers, car salesmen and telco phone marketers a bad name.

Posted: 1 year 8 months ago

Our first landing in Sydney (March 2015) was a great success, and we are now coming to Brisbane on Nov. 8. This one day event will give you the confidence to integrate men's health into your physio practice including RTUS, communication strategies, exercise and manual therapy for pelvic conditions, prostate surgery rehab and more. To register or read more, click here

Posted: 1 year 9 months ago

Is it possible to have too many clients? The initial response is typically, ‘no way, the more business the better’. But what if there is a point at which any additional client actually costs more to service than the fee you receive in return?

Posted: 1 year 9 months ago

In my experience (personal and observing others) setting the price for professional services in health is one of the greatest stressors in business. It generates much angst as reflected by questions I am commonly asked in workshops and mentoring:

Posted: 2 years 19 hours ago

The first Mastering the Martians workshop on Men's Health Physiotherapy was a great success yesterday. Almost 50 physios from across Australia and NZ attended to hear four leading exponents bring their individual expertise and experience in sessions covering communication skills, the use of real time ultrasound in assessment and training of the mail pelvic floor, exercise rehab following cancer treatment and the management of erectile dysfunction following prostate surgery.  Future events are planned.