The Everyday Shoulder

The Everyday Shoulder is your typical day in the clinic: multi-pathology, degenerative shoulders with elements of impingement, tightness, cuff damage, bursal irritation, scapular dysfunction and of course pain.

Your facilitator is Asst. Prof. Craig Allingham: ‘I love these shoulders, because there is so much room for improvement.  This workshop focuses on evaluating, treating and managing these shoulders in private practice or hospital outpatients. Combining the research base and many years of clinical experience and teaching I can simplify these confusing shoulders.  Your patients will experience focused assessment and appropriate treatment based on sound patho-kinesiological principles.’  The topics include –

  • Scapular posture, range and control
  • Glenohumeral stiffness, laxity, impingement, and freezing
  • Rotator cuff evaluation, facilitation, integration and training
  • Taping for pain and position
  • Subscapularis facilitation and training
  • Frozen Shoulder management and treatment
  • Functional rehab for ADL level return

Click here for a brief video promotion for this course run for the APA a year or so back. It might help your decsion.

Participants Comments:

Craig must be doing something right – my four mentors all recommended this course! (Lana Johnson, Sydney)

Kinematic discussion of the glenohumeral function made understanding of the specific shoulder tests much easier and more in depth. The practical techniques demonstrated were great adjuncts to existing techniques and replacements in some situations. I now have a much larger skill and technique base on which to draw when assessing, treating and diagnosing shoulder pathology. (Adam Godfrey, Melbourne)

Very hands-on and helped immensely in differentiating components. My patients will now be receiving treatment from a much more confident shoulder physio. (Annelie Berade, London)

Good attention to questions and clarification.  Used good examples.  Absolutely brilliant learning experience! (Sabrina Cascio, Sydney)

Small group allowed Craig to come around and check/correct handling and go through questions. Scapular work was great. (Melanie Jacobs, London)

Humorous, practical, demystifying, logical and honest.  Non-threatening presenter did not present as a magician. (Robyn Sedgman, Melb)

Good value, focused on what we see in the clinic and great ideas to apply in practice. (Louise Tate, Adelaide)

Very good overview with new assessment and treatment ideas for me to utilise straight away in clinical setting. (Todd Stenbridge, Sydney)

Craig assumed we had prior knowledge and did not get stuck on the basics. Dynamic presentation of concepts and testing which increased options and my understanding as to why I assess and treat the way I do. (Colette McCarthy, Melb.)

Great Value! I want to go straight back to work and treat shoulders next week. Great ‘take home’ advice. (Ashton Lucas, Sydney)

Hugely helpful and easy to implement.  Loved it, Thank You! (Ashley Fimmel, Sydney)

This workshop was recently reviewed in New Zealand for accreditation purposes by the N.Z. College of Physiotherapy and the conclusion included –

‘The format of the course was well focused on everyday clinical work and practical assessment and treatment for all physiotherapists.  The course met the stated objectives well, with up to date evidence based practice that was well tested clinically and very relevant to all participants in clinical roles.’

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