Remarkable Coaching

If you are looking for more intensive, situation specific, problem solving assistance that holds you accountable for to your business plan, vision and goals then you may be interested in Remarkable Coaching with Craig Allingham.

A coaching or mentoring relationship (not the same thing) is based on trust and a shared vision of what is possible and what it might take to achieve the short and long term goals.

The Remarkable Coaching program begins with and onsite visit to your practice for two hours during which Craig evaluates your business model, systems, HR deployment, facilities and discusses your plans to build or scale your business. In summary there are several elements:

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Discoverig the Gaps
  3. Action Plan
  4. Connecting
  5. Providing Accountability

Costing (2017 pricing, ex gst)

Casual Coaching – no contract period, client controls the interactions.

  • Initial Session – $500 plus expenses (travel, accom. etc). This includes a report of the session, outcomes and recommendations.
  • Follow up Sessions – $200 per hour for skype or phone sessions which are targeted, prepared for by both parties and ensure accountability.The frequency of these sessions is negotiated based on urgency, ambition, need for supervision, cash flow and availability.

Serious Coaching – annual membership, paid monthly.

Initial Session as described above, to ensure we are compatible and ready to work together. The $500 fee is credited to your first year of membership.

Annual Program Membership – $12,000, paid monthly. This includes a monthly online meeting for up to 1 hour and a 30 minute phone meeting in between each. Plus information newsletters, problem solving and research on your behalf, monitoring of your KPIs in the business and significant discounts when attending workshops or masterclasses hosted by Craig or the PBA (but not by other parties) and for training of your team members.

For more information, contact Craig on 0417 734161 or