Remarkable Training

An alternative to attending a workshop is to bring Craig Allingham to work with your whole team for a unique training opportunity.

Craig’s dual expertise in clinical physiotherapy education and in business building allows you to develop an optimal training session for all your staff.  Customer service and systems of excellence for all staff, front desk strategies for admin and client retention, referrer management and effective treatent planning for your professional staff.  He is able to offer a complete training experience for your entire team tailored to your situation and your goals (see Frank’s comments below).

Other businesses who have experienced these sessions include

  • Berwick Physiotherapy, Victoria (3 clinics)
  • North West Physiotherapy, Brisbane (went on to win local and state Business Awards)
  • Physiocare, Sunshine Coast, Qld. (Finalist, Sunshine Coast Business Awards)
  • CQ Physiotherapy – Rockhampton, Qld.
  • PhysioFirst, London, UK (network of practices in UK)
  • Sports Focus, Sydney
  • Sports Care, Hobart
  • Peninsular Orthopaedics, Sydney
  • New York Sports Medicine, Manhattan

To find out what might be possible for your business, call Craig Allingham at the Practitioner Business Academy in Australia on 0417 734161. Pricing is by negotiation. Value is assured.

Craig Allingham from Practitioner Business Academy recently ran some workshops for our practice for our leadership group, practice manager, administration team and our clinical staff.  The workshops were incredibly well received by our staff.  Craig, through his clinical experience and business expertise was able to provide our staff with a balanced view on how to provide good quality physiotherapy care for our patients in a manner that encourages optimum outcomes for our patients and for the business.  He clearly undertook a lot of research into our clinic prior to the workshops to provide a very personalised service.  Our staff found his style to be entertaining and he was able to both inform us and challenge our current methods of practise.  His workshops provided strategies to improve our skills, performance and enjoyment at work.  I have no hesitation in recommending Craig to fellow physiotherapists looking to build their business and provide improved outcomes for their patients.

Frank Andrews, Director, Berwick Physiotherapy, Victoria.