7 Deadly Sins of Business

You have great professional staff. You have a friendly team. The business is well located.

But your commercial returns are disappointing and you are frustrated with how much the business depends on your time and energy to drive it.

If this sounds familiar you may be committing one or more of the 7 Deadly Sins that can commercially kill a service based business. Some are obvious, others are more subtle but just as fatal. Craig Allingham (Physio and Executive MBA) can identify these sins and, more importantly, show you how to avoid them.

This event may be the most valuable evening of business education you undertake this year. Craig will also tell you about his workshops and other services (thereby avoiding one of the 7 Sins), but you will be too smart to fall for any razzmatazz sales talk so instead he will show you some of his best stuff and let you decide if it is worth investing further. Which is exactly what you should be doing in your business everyday – showing your clients your best stuff and enticing them to buy more and pay more on a more frequent basis.

This workshop is ideal for a mixed group – for example clients, your team leaders, leaders in non-profits or representative bodies. It makes a great keynote address as the audience will draw the information based on their experience and current challenges.

No fee is listed here, as it depends on the type of event, organisation and presentation you are after. Call me on 0417 734161 to discuss it further. International callers: +61 7 54454997.  Or email to craig@redsok.com.