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Online Video Consultations for Men's Health

A/Prof Craig Allingham is now offering men's health consultations
delivered online for men recovering from prostate cancer. 

Starting from March 2020, and recognising the impact of the Coronavirus on face-to-face consultations, Craig is consulting online with men who may not have access to men's health physiotherapy to help with their continence, fitness or erectile function folloiwng treatment for prostate cancer.

'Despite the current virus pandemic, men are still undergoing and recovering from prostate cancer. They are having surgery, radiation oncology, hormone therapy, chemotherapy, brachytherapy and other interventions. Or perhaps they are on Active Surveillance pending a change in their cancer profile.

Many won't have access to men's health physiotherapists as the health system is stretched to deal with the viral pandemic. Or perhaps they are in lock-down due to government advice or by choice to limit their exposure while they are immuno-depressed. 

I am happy to commence an online consultation service for men to help them improve their continence, bladder control (frequency or urgency), erectile function and general fitness. My years of clinical experience, professional teaching and researching/writing on prostate cancer recovery will ensure clients get a valuable and effective consultation to assist their recovery.'

To take advantage of the small number of appointments available,

  1. Select a preferred service below - first time clients are recommended to select the initial consultation
  2. From the Calendar page, select a day
  3. From the Diary, select an available appointment
  4. Register your details so the introductory paperwork and information can be forwarded before the appointment. 
  5. Note that payment must be made prior to the appointment. Refunds are available if you subsequently cancel.
  • Diary Times are Queensland, Australia - check your local time zone as needed.
  • Prices are in Australian dollars, which is great news for UK, US and Euro clients.