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Herding Events 2016


Strategic Cat Herding

Craig Allingham APAM, EMBA
Managing the people in your business
Sydney: Sun May 1, 2016 - done and dusted

Sunshine Coast  qld: Sat June 4 2016 - Fully subscribed
This is event is not currently scheduled.

9am - 4.30pm.  Fee: $600 (+gst)

Health professionals are generally good at managing their clients - they are trained in this aspect of work.

How good are they (you?) at managing the other people in your business or practice? Colleagues, staff, employees, contractors, suppliers, consultants, referrers, cleaners and so on?

Do you give the same forethought and planning into managing your teams as you do into managing your clients? And if you don't, do you wonder why it is all so difficult.....

Herding the various cats that are part of your workplace is a tough gig. It is time consuming and energy sapping, or it is if your style is always reacting to situation rather than planning ahead and smoothing the managerial pathway.

Strategic Cat Herding is a one day event covering many aspects of people leading for health practitioners. Not just leading,  but leading in a desired direction that engages them with your business plan and dreams.

As an experienced practice owner and student of business leadership, team building, engagement, motivation and staying sane I can help guide you toward a more energy efficient HR system in your practice.

If you would like to better understand how to

  • Hire well and retain talent
  • Choose between employee and contractor
  • engage and motivate your team
  • improve client retention and returns
  • influence referrer trends
  • improve cash flow and business investment
  • Conduct performance reviews
  • Motivate beyond money

Then this will be a great day for you.

You will return to the fray with a clearer idea and practical skills to improve your people management. You may even become less stressed.

To Register

Obviously both are now past due.
Future Cat Herding events are being planned.


Phone to register by card:

07 54454997 or 0417734161


Catering, work book, tools and ideas, certificate of completion.


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Sydney, Nov. 13 2016. 9am -5pm

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patients judge you on.....

I value colleagues on their knowledge, skills, professionalism and success in their career.

Is this what our clients judge us on? Is this what they pin their recommendation to friends and family of where to go for physiotherapy?

It appears not. Our clients are not equipped to judge and recommend us on our empirical, evidence based treatments or on the papers or teaching we have completed. They do give some credit for having worked with elite sports people but nothing for the successful outcomes you achieved with high performance teachers or plumbers.

It turns out our clients judge us on their experience rather than ours.

Once you have your fragile professional ego back on an even keel you can see how logical this is. You can also comprehend why the quality of service delivery (as opposed to the service per se) is critical if you want clients to comply with your treatment plan (ie: return) and if you want them to recommend you to others, or provide positive feedback to their referring GP or specialist.

By all means be technically brilliant, master your craft and stay up to date. Then pass on your skills and wisdom in a spirit of generosity and connection. Rapport is critical and adds value to science well beyond the placebo effect.

Craig Allingham EMBA, APAM

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