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The Martians are in good hands

Submitted by Craig Allingham on Tue, 10/11/2015 - 08:23

What a fabulous workshop in Brisbane last weekend where I had the privilege of co-teaching alongside Peter Dornan AM, Jo Milios and Stuart Baptist. Three of the best men's health physios in the country. We had participants from NSW, North Qld, New Zealand and as a special treat Prof. Paul Hodges came along and I suspect Paul doesn't attend many courses these days. He told me his research has been funded for a further five years so we look forward to more cracking good work for we clinicians to apply and adapt to.

Thanks to Stuart Turner for supplying our RTUS machines for the extended practical sessions, and to the Hear and Say Centre in Brisbane for the venue.

We don' t know where and when we will run this event again, but the feedback is excellent and we know the market demand for men's health physiotherapy is zooming along.

Keep tuned.

Craig Allingham
Author, 'Prostate Recovery MAP'
Men's Health Physiotherapist