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Perfect for New or Burned-Out Owners

Health practitioners are adept at their professional skill set, but often lack acumen in running their own business. Most wonder why their earning ability lags behind their ability to help others so effectively. 

The answer is simple - practitioners have deeply studied their field and presume that opening a clinic will simply allow people to arrive for treatment. In older times we referred to 'putting up our shingle', and yes I was presumptuous enough to mount a brass plaque on my first clinic. How embarrassing.

Learning Through Experience

While this method of learning may be effective, it is dreadfully slow and self-limiting. Some philosophers consider learning through your mistakes to be character building and enobling. Rubbish. Luckily our professionalc clinical training is built on something safer and more effective; pity our business training is more like the former.

There is a huge body of theory, practice and evidence on effective business management that never appears in medical journals. I know, as I have been studying from it. Add this to my experience of running my own clinics for many years and I am well equipped to pass on useful, practical and cost-effective business training for practitioner colleagues. Here is the entry level workshop to sample how far you want to progress.

Remarkable Insights

Three hours covering some essential basics of business structure and process makes a great introduction or rejuvenation of your business capabilities. Essentials such as determining your pricing strategy, measuring client satisfaction, moving stock, developing treatment plans with clients, the key question to boost productivity and through-put, generating return appointments, how to raise your fees and how to gain an extra hour per day.

I promise we will not do a SWOT analysis or interpret profit & loss or balance sheets, as useful as these would be. This session digs a bit deeper. It is ideal for those new to business who want to start strongly or those who may have lost some enthusiasm and want to invigorate their daily workplace as well as crank up the cash flow.

None of the Remarkable Insights will incur much additional expense or outlay. However they will need some application, mindful leadership and business monitoring skills. All of which can be learned in our three hours together. To find out where this is running, check the event list in the side bar. Click on your preference. Don't mess about, these are small meetings around a board table - plenty of time for problem solving and support.