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Marketing a Service

Health practitioners are notoriously poor at marketing. Brilliant at other stuff, but reluctant if not timid when it comes to marketing their services.

I am not talking of selling, well not the sort of selling that gives retailers, car salesmen and telco phone marketers a bad name. But the reality is simple - building it and hoping they will come is no longer a realistic or profitable strategy. Practitioners now require a relevant, attention-catching and cost efficient approach to marketing if they want to grow or sustain their business in the long term.

Market Vs Marketing

Do you try and be all things to all people? Have you a range of services catering for the young, old, active, decrepit, wealthy, poor, loyal and fickle? It is very difficult to market to a multi-segment market, and somewhat counter-productive if you want to convey an expertise that should be sought out and highly valued. Market segments are sub-sets for which you can tailor highly relevant and effective solutions which they will praise to others in their tribe thus advocating on your behalf.

Purchasing Decisions

Consumers (your clients) have a range of criteria on which they judge your service quality, these include reliability, empathy, responsiveness, tangible evidence and assurance. These elements go some way to influencing their decision to purchase, or more importantly repurchase, your services. There are other elements however that determine purchasing behaviour and they impact from the realisation that they have a problem, through the information search and evaluation of options right up to the moment of purchase and even beyond it.

Marketing to referrers is different again - business to business purchasing decisions (which is a referrer arrangement) are more complex and demand more maintenance to grow them.


The mysterious endowing of value far beyond the actual utility of the service received can only be given by the consumer. You can position your brand to appear to add value, but only the purchaser can confirm it is actually so. What do your clients gain beyond the actual service rendered? Prestige? Celebrity association? Perceived excellence? Education? Innovation? Extra time? Gym Membership? Personal attention? Priority care? These are examples that separate you from your competition. Can you identify your brand characteristics and know they appeal to the clients you prefer?

Like to Know More?   Like to Generate More Clients?

These topics (market segments, branding and client decision making) are just a few of the areas covered during my marketing workshops for practitioners.

In a day together we will cover aspects of marketing, pricing, branding, packaging, merchandising (product mix), creating advocates, marketing to referrers, generating client loyalty and more. Some of which you may already be excellent at, others may benefit from some attention.

If you are prepared to open your mind to concepts such as relationship marketing, service packaging, value adding and value-based pricing you will enjoy a profitable day investing in your own business future.

These are small events around a board table so value is assured. The fee rejpresents great value and includes catering and work book. Check the event list in the side bar for my next Strategic Connections workshop.