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Managing Dysfunction in the Pregnant and Post Partum Pelvis

Women's Health Physiotherapist Mary O'Dwyer's new workshop is for all physiotherapists whether they be sports, manual therapists or women's health practitioners.

Notice: Due to unforeseen circumstances Mary remains unable to deliver this workshop. We hope she will be available again in 2016. She apologises and regrets any disappointment.
Please keep an eye on the events list for her reappearance.

Most physiotherapists treat women who may be pregnant, recently given birth or have ongoing problems since having children. Profound body changes impact on the mechanics and physiology of the pelvic region in the short and long term.

This practical workshop is for non-women’s health physiotherapists to improve management of these clients, helping you develop safe and effective evidence based treatment plans for pregnant and postpartum clients who may present for back pain, sports injuries, postural or pelvic pain. Understanding the interconnected nature of pelvic and pelvic floor dysfunction is central to rehabilitation of musculoskeletal conditions during childbearing years.

Topics covered include:

Functional anatomy of the pelvic floor and its influence on pelvic pain and mechanics
Pelvic floor & pelvic conditions during pregnancy & post partum:
     Pelvic Girdle Pain
     Low Back Pain
     Diastasis Rectus Abdominis
     Postural Dysfunction
     Incontinence in athletic, high impact women
     Pelvic Organ Prolapse
  floor muscle training
Case Studies
Identifying Red Flags for current and future dysfunction

Indications for pelvic floor muscle training
When to refer to a Women’s Health physiotherapist
Practical Sessions:
     Testing for lumbo-pelvic dysfunction in this patient group
     Exercise progression and safe rehab guidelines
     Pelvic floor muscle training
Case Studies









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