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Simplifying Shoulders - Gosford NSW - REGISTRATIONS CLOSED

Simplifying Shoulders in Gosford


Thursday March 7, 2019, 5.30pm-8.30pm - East Gosford Physiotherapy Centre

Fee: $190 (exc. gst)

Presenter: A/Prof Craig Allingham

This highly practical and fast-paced workshop comprises one hour each on the Scapula, the Capsule and the Rotator Cuff. Participants will take away new tools for evaluation and treatment of each segment based on kinematic principles ensuring application to all shoulder problems from the simple to the complex, multipathology, degenerative, post-surgical type shoulders.

  • Understand how the scapula should rest and move and how to measure it
  • Evaluate capsular length dysfunction and how it contributes to impingement, cuff wear and tear
  • Overcome the limitations of rotator cuff testing in diagnosis
  • Identify subscapular dysfunction and how to restore full cuff synchrony
  • Increase your rehab exercise repertoire.

The goal is to simplify evaluation and treatment of the shoulder for those with everyday ambitions for function. This is not a workshop on high performance shoulders. Nor does it include extensive anatomical and research reviews. It is a practical session for hands-on skills.

Registration includes an e-workbook and certificate of attendance. And lots of new clinical tricks and tips.


Thu, 07/03/2019 - 17:30