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Clinical Education

The Everyday Shoulder

The Everyday Shoulder is your typical day in the clinic: multi-pathology, degenerative shoulders with elements of impingement, tightness, cuff damage, bursal irritation, scapular dysfunction and of course pain.

The Everyday Foot and Ankle

 Patients can put up with a lot of inconvenience and pain.  But most draw the limit when their foot or ankle problem prevents them enjoying the activities of life or the responsibilities of work or running a family.  They search around for a healthcare practitioner who understands their problems and can offer more than an insert or an ice pack.

Lumbar Rehabilitation - Beyond The Pain

What do you do with clients once their lumbar spine pain has eased?

How do you motivate them to continue rehab until full recovery is achieved?

Prescribe home exercises? Sure - but they won't do them once the pain has gone.  Many clients cease lumbar spine rehab way before they have fully recovered.  Long before they have fully integrated muscle patterns and built strength to protect them into the future.  If you are looking for effective strategies and tools for this stage of rehab - here it is.