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Lumbar Rehabilitation - Beyond The Pain

What do you do with clients once their lumbar spine pain has eased?

How do you motivate them to continue rehab until full recovery is achieved?

Prescribe home exercises? Sure - but they won't do them once the pain has gone.  Many clients cease lumbar spine rehab way before they have fully recovered.  Long before they have fully integrated muscle patterns and built strength to protect them into the future.  If you are looking for effective strategies and tools for this stage of rehab - here it is.

Craig Allingham (Sports Physiotherapy and Sports Science) then takes you through the 'no pain' phase of rehab.  This is the stage when most patients cease treatment because their pain has stopped.  Sadly, they never receive the full resilience training we can offer because we don't show them the non-pain dysfunction.  Until now.  Using the evidence base and clinical experience Craig will show you more evaluation and rehab tools to use when working with lumbar spine patients: rebuilding them from the inside out.

During this one day workshop, we will cover: 

  • Review of bone and disc injury - delaminating, end-plate deformations, 
  • Teaching effective muscular bracing - yes, active dynamic muscular bracing
  • Progressing from isolation to function to challenge activities
  • Objective testing of muscle endurance 
  • Identifying segmental instability
  • Blowing some lumbar myths out of the water (e.g. bent knee sit-ups use more psoas not less!)
  • Late stage challenge exercises for strength, endurance and high level function

These workshops have proved very popular throughout Australia, the UK, Dubai and Ireland.  The common sense approach and selecting the best clinical concepts from a range of researchers is a powerful adjunct to treatment.


'Practical Skills and great Ax and Rx techniques to use straight away - thanks'     Therese, Canberra

'I feel able to perform a more detailed assessment with more precise findings and use these to target my rehab in patiens with both acute and chronic low back pain - remedial and high level.'   Clare Silvester, London

'Helpful to provide more structure for rehab programming for clients'    Stephanie, Canberra

'Excellent, engaging course presentation - thank you'   Carole Durcan, London

'Ideas of exercises and practical insights, no-nonsense presentation style'    Anthony, Sydney