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Remarkable Cat Herding

$423.50 Inc GST

Remarkable Cat Herding is a one day event covering key elements of HR - human resources - in a private health business. After some vital (but a little boring) look at the relevant legal frameworks, we turn our attention to recruitment, retention, remuneration, on-boarding, development, release and support of our team members. The legal and financial aspects of employees versus contractors is also addressed.

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9am - 5pm - all venues run to these times
Course Fee: Varies  PBA and Rural members - $385.  APA Members $450.  Non-members $685.

Managing the people in your business can be like herding cats. Trying to herd them in the general direction of your goals, business plan or targets is even more challenging.

This workshop will equip you to strategically lead your various cats* in the direction you want to go.

*Cats include professional staff, admin staff, referrers, suppliers, life partners and of course the most important cat: you.

The course leader is Craig Allingham - physio and MBA trained  with decades of experience managing clinicians and support staff. He is the Director of the Practitioner Business Academy and author of 'Book More Clients'.

Strategic Cat Herding is ideal for practice leaders (owners or managers) who want to or need to -

  • Hire smarter
  • Clarify the contractor versus employee relationship
  • Have their team actually doing their real jobs
  • Improve team engagement with the purpose of the business
  • Use remuneration packages to improve performance and retention
  • Improve staff and client satisfaction
  • Implement productivity measures of quantity and quality
  • Help staff manage themselves
  • Improve referrer loyalty
  • Improve client loyalty and return rates
  • Increase cash flow and business investment

Managing the people in your business is perhaps the most stressful and frustrating part of being and owner or manager. Yet, how long since you undertook some professional development to improve your performance in people skills?

Investing one day will help you immediately cultivate a culture of high performance and rewards in your business. You will see where simple changes will bring big benefits for all stakeholders.

Cost for the day, including workbook, limited catering, training and problem solving is only $600 (+gst. 2016 price).

Value for the day - small group event, a facilitator trained and experienced in both physiotherapy and business, opportunity to swap ideas with like-minded colleagues and a day away from your patients and employees (no distractions).

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'Thanks for your follow-up email. This has been the most productive I have ever been after a PD course - not sure whether it was knowing you were following up or having my practice manager hassle me about the goals I wanted to achieve. Thanks for the resources, information and strategy for HR'.  
Michelle Crowther, Continence & Pelvic Floor Physio., Melbourne.

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