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Practitioner Business Academy

Business training, mentoring and coaching by

A/Prof. Craig Allingham MBA(Exec.), B.App.Sci (Physio), FSMA, NSAA

The art and science of business is not found in health journals and newsletters. I know, I have looked. While some may offer generic advice and business consultants are great at SWOT analyses, mission statements and business plans, there is much, much more to understand in business if you want to fully maximise your economic return without compromising your clinical acumen.

The Practitioner Business Academy is proud to be delivering courses with the Australian Physiotherapy Association and providing quality business training to members. Not only for private practitioners but for any members looking to develop their professional skills in leadership, managing people or improving the service-scape for patient outcomes.

2017 Workshop Program (as at Feb 2017)

Whether you are a physiotherapist, an exercise physiologist, psychologist, hairdresser, massage therapist, doctor, specialist or podiatrist the principles of sustainable, profitable and remarkable business success are learnable and readily applicable.

My 2017 program is listed above, with more information on each topic below. Or you can click on events listed to the right to access to help you determine which topics best suit your needs. From the introductory 'Remarkable Solutions' through to full days on strategy, people management or marketing you can choose your topic and continue to build your business to a level that matches your professional expertise. All sessions are delivered by me, combining practitioner experience for more than 30 years plus teaching and business qualifications. Click through for more information on topics of interest or contact me if you are interested in training your team on-site with dedicated and tailored solutions.

Remarkable Solutions  (3 hours)

The perfect business intro for start-ups* and burn-outs.
(*or those thinking of it)

Getting the basics right is a great way to succeed in business. While it is best to get the basics sorted at the beginning (rather than tacking them on later) it is worth revisiting them at any stage of your business to refresh your systems, enthusiasm and results. Read more about this three hour session - click here.

Remarkable Strategy (full day)

Driving Competitive Advantage

A Business Plan may not be enough. Yes, it provides a checklist of tasks, targets and activities probably based on a SWOT analysis, but it doesn't drill down to the essenceof what strategy will best achieve your goals. Strategy is the DNA of business excellence and it spans culture, marketing, HR, staff deployment, decor, technology, skill sets and so on. If you need to discover and drive your strategy this workshop should part of the process. Read more

Remarkable Marketing (full day)

Marketing a Service - brand, product, message & results

Marketing your services is connecting with current or potential clients, referrers, employees, agencies, supporters and suppliers to educate and enlighten them as to your unique service offerings and the benefits to all involved.Sounds simple, to find out more, click here.

Remarkable Cat Herding (full day)

Managing the People in Your Business

Business results depend on alignment of your team, clients, referrers and others with your strategy. Shepherding all these talented but diverse humans is a constant challenge for a leader. This one day event goes through selection, motivation, rewards, development and removal of the cats in your business. More here...

In House Training (as long as it takes...)

Tailor Made Solutions for Your Business

An alternative to attending a workshop is to bring Craig Allingham to your whole team for a unique training opportunity. 

Craig's dual expertise in clinical physiotherapy education and in business building allows you to develop an optimal training session for all your staff.  Customer service and systems of excellence for all staff, front desk strategies for admin and clinical updates for your professional staff.  No other company can offer such a complete training experience for your entire team. Contact Craig on or 0417734161 to explore the options. Read more...