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Remarkable Insights - Newcastle NSW

Business skills, tips & strategies

For any health practitioner looking to invigorate their business, boost productivity and grow cash flow.

Workshop Leader
Craig Allingham -
Physio & MBA, author of 'Book More Clients'.

Getting the fundamentals right is a good start, keeping them stable as you grow, the staff changes and competition moves in can be tough. Whether you are a recent owner of a health business or been in the game for a while it is never a bad time to review your operational strategies. Get the business basics right before you are forced through growth or failure. 

  • Fees - how to set them, raise them, discount them (don't) and sell them
  • Discover the simplest tool for measuring patient satisfaction and when not to use it
  • Learn effective and ethical merchandising to provide an extra income stream
  • In house marketing tips to increase patient spending
  • Cultivating referrer loyalty
  • The Key Question that boosts productivity and client retention rates
  • And much more....

Many practitioners not only a lack of promotional skills but a deep reluctance when it comes to increasing service and product sales in their business. Trust me, it is best if you make a profit or you won't last and certainly won't enjoy the journey.

Don't know what you are worth? Then you really need to come along and discover your value to the business and how to develop an asset that rewards you beyond your physical contribution and becomes a desirable, saleable entity for potential buyers.

'Being a great clinician is not sufficient to ensure a successful business outcome.  In fact, poor business skills will inevitably interfere with your clinical efficacy as you are constantly interrupted and inconvenienced by the decisions, tasks and routine of managing your business.' 

Date: Tuesday March 5, 2019,  6pm - 9pm

Fee: $330 - you will recover this many times over within one month of the session. Especially with the 

Earlybird Discount of $79 if you register by 8am Friday Feb 8, 2019
(sorry, this has expired)

Venue: Rydges Hotel, Newcastle

Tue, 05/03/2019 - 18:00