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Mastering the Martians

Men's Health Physiotherapy


Not just an event

Mastering the Martians is not just a remarkable educational event for physiotherapists where four top notch men's health practitioners share their research, experience and skills across two days dedicated to male pelvic health. It is also a mindset to improve our professional reach and efficay to all men with health problems. Whether it be a sports injury, lower back pain, asthma, arthritis, multiple sclerosis or prostate cancer.

Physiotherapists are key contributors in the health system - university trained, government licensed and just really great people.

All of which is useless unless men feel comfortable coming to see them and then feel listened to, valued, engaged, validated and - oh who am trying to kid. Men don't use these words or perhaps even understand the concepts.

Luckily, physiotherapists are a stigma-free entry point to the healthcare system for men. Physios (getting familiar now) are unlikely to steal your blood, invade your body spaces or tell you to be sensible. More likely they will congratulate you on your effort so far, sympathise with your mis-fortune and help you get back on the horse as soon as possible.

Blokes can come to the physio clinic and be surrounded by sports posters and magazines, find a gym set up on site, learn about strength, agility and (if necessary) flexibility and finish their injury care in better shape than they started.

Mastering the Martians is an education event that takes all those advantages, boosts them with an understanding of how males process health information, adds some traditional and modern treatment techniques (including electronic gadgets to wow the blokes) and encourages physios to embrace men as a valuable, grateful and underserviced part of their market.


Our teaching team is:

Stuart Baptist - from Sydney Men's Health Physiotherapy - clinician who is researching Real Time Ultrasound imaging for training men's pelvic floor following prostate treatment, and working closely with leading Sydney urologists.

Jo Milios - from Perth where she treats post-prostate guys for continence, erectile dysfunction and sexual reactivation. Plus runs a non-for-profit foundation for prostate cancer AND leads a cancer recovery fitness group. Spare time: PhD candidate.

Peter Dornan - from Brisbane, currently researching pelvic pain in men with specific reference to mechanical and neural components. Peter is a prostate cancer survivor and activist with a wealth of experience in differentiating causes of pelvic pain in men and using mechanical techniques in treatment.

Craig Allingham - from Qld with a particular interest in on how to communicate, market and work with men to optimise outcomes and build compliance. Author of 'Prostate Recovery MAP - Men's Action Plan' which is written for blokes undertaking treatment for prostate cancer and guides them on the return to continence and activity.


What will I learn?

You will finish the two day workshop with

  • a full appreciation of continence training using RTUS (yes, we do it practically, you can have a try),
  • understanding of current practice for penile rehabilitation following prostate surgery,
  • a bag of techniques for assessing and treating male pelvic pain,
  • insight into how men process health information and how better to develop rapport and compliance
  • and most importantly an understanding of how men's health can fit into your practice offerings.

How to Register

The Australian Physiotherapy Assoc. is coordinating the Mastering the Martians event for 2018. Course fees differ depending on your membership or non-member status. Click here to discover the fees and then to register online. Numbers are limited due to the practical elements of the course.

The Concept

Four speakers all at the top of their game. Practical sessions with RTUS and manual therapy. Exercise sampling and a great learning experience through the two days. Four approaches from which you can learn and develop to match your experience and goals.

The Location 2018

brisbane, Queensland. Australia

September 8/9

Registrations are open through the APA Prosfessional Development portal.

Click here to register.