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Mastering The Martians - Brisbane


Men's Health Physiotherapy: pelvic health, continence & erectile function during prostate cancer treatment and recovery

Saturday Sept 8, 8.30am - 4.45pm
& Sunday Sept 9, 8.30am - 3.00pm

Venue: this event is now transferred to Brisbane (Meadowbrook)

This event is being hosted by the APA Qld, information regarding fees (they vary with membership status) will be posted on their registration portal when final details are available.

Registration is now open via the APA Portal. Click here for information, fees and to register online.

Leading men's health physiotherapists will inspire and inform at this two day workshop in Sydney during Prostate Awareness Month, September 2018. This is an ideal opportunity to learn from those at the forefront of research and practice in men's health physiotherapy and how it can be integrated into your clinical practice. Feedback from the five previous Martians workshops has proved very positve, especially the opportunity to use RTUS with expert instruction on the day. 

Craig Allingham (Qld) - how to overcome barriers (yours and theirs), how to start the men's health conversation with all male clients and how to utilise the hidden secrets of men's health behaviours and motivations. Communication strategies specific for males give the evidence a chance to work. Plus, putting the 'active' in Active Surveillance.

Stuart Baptist (NSW) - will demonstrate and report on the role of real time ultrasound in assessment and motor training for the male pelvic floor, drawing on his PhD studies. HIs analysis of the types of incontinence in men and specific strategies is worth the fee on it's own.

Jo Milios (WA) - has a keen interest in sex. The sexuality for men following prostate disease that is. She will guide us through the issues surrounding erectile function and maximisation of pelvic floor training. Jo is a strong believer in 'survivorship' following prostate cancer and works in fitness, yoga and fund raising as well as clinical and research practice.

Peter Dornan AM (Qld) - pelvic pain in males, what is it? How does it related to mechanical dysfunctions of the pelvis or neural compromise. Fascinating and applicable to any male patient with lumbo-pelvic symptoms, scrotal or perineal pain, constipation and more. Peter will demonstrate assessment and treatment techniques for pudendal nerve, SIJ and soft tissue sources of pelvic pain.


Our recent events in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane were sensational and we are bringing our improved, extended and updated workshop for all physios, not just those who treat continence. 

With the expected doubling of men diagnosed with prostate cancer over the next ten years there will be an increasing demand for physiotherapists who can provide these services.


Sat, 08/09/2018 - 08:30