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Prostate Recovery MAP - Men's Action Plan (1st Ed)

'This is the best book for preparation for and recovery from treatment'  John (WA)
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This book is an action plan for men who want a quality of life that makes  prostate surgery worthwhile. Men who are prepared to work at their own recovery to regain continence, sexual activity and lifestyle.

‘This book is a ’must read’ for any man facing treatment for this condition.’
Dr. Michael Gillman, Men’s Health MD

The diagnosis of prostate cancer can be the start of an unwelcome journey filled with medical waiting rooms, doctors, indignities, doubts, scores, fears and  decisions. Most of them unfamiliar and outside our usual expertise.  For men who choose surgical treatment, the relief from the cancer threat is welcome. The trade off however, is life altering.

This 5 Stage recovery plan for men undergoing prostate surgery combines research and Craig’s clinical experience working with men to regain continence pre- and post-surgery. Craig’s MAP provides a clear, effective and workable program including links to his online explanations & demonstrations.

David Sandoe OAM, National Chairman Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia – ‘Comprehensively says all the right things men need to heed – the full truth of what needs to happen to achieve continence results as well as good health, weight and fitness objectives. The program is well designed, directly written and a must read for any partner as well. The video material from the author further explains the program and adds to a job well done.’

ISBN 9780987076656
64 pages. A5 soft cover
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