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Nutting Out Men's Health, Physiotherapy, Glastonbury, UK

Nutting Out Men's Health Physiotherapy

 Men's Health & Prostate Cancer
(Day 2 of the Glastonbury Pelvic Festival)

A/Prof. Craig Allingham APAM, FASM, EMBA
Men's Health & Sports Physiotherapist (Australia)

Saturday, September 21, 2019 
Glastonbury, Somerset,   
Course Fee: £140

This event is Day Two of the Glastonbury Pelvic Festival. The two days are separate registrations and payments.

Men's health is not just about continence and erectile function. As a physiotherapist, every male client you consult with is a men's health issue. Sometimes it will be low back pain or a sports injury, or it might be neurological or cardiac rehab. Yet it is when he presents before or after prostate cancer treatment that we consider it 'men's health'. As front-line health practitioners we have an opportunity to actively contribute to the health of men in our clinics, our groups and our families. 

This one day event covers the prostate cancer process, journey and physiotherapy role, preceding it with an understanding of the social constructs of men and their health and how it impacts on our work with them whatever they have come in for.

Craig Allingham is an Australian physiotherapist with a long history of working in elite sport including four Olympic Teams before he turned his focus to men's health following his fathers diagnosis of prostate cancer. Over 12 years he developed a program for post-prostatectomy clients which formed the basis of his book 'Prostate Recovery MAP - Men's Action Plan'. He then went on to set up a training course for physios in Australia (with Jo Milios and others) in men's health which has introduced almost two hundred practitioners to the field over four years. Most recently Craig has released a new book, The Prostate Playbook, a strategic guide to keeping the prostate where it should stay.

Nutting Out Men's Health Physiotherapy
Updated Program as at 30/8/19

8.30am Registration  
8.45 Introduction & Overview  
9.00 Manspeak & Health - Effective Communication Skills - Wrangling the Martians  
10.45 Pelvic Pain - mechanical considerations  
11.45 Pelvic Pain - Mechanical assessment and treatment  
12.30pm Lunch  
1.30 Prostatectomy Physiotherapy - Men's Action Plan, Hegel Exercises, functional retraining, pad, clamp and ED protocols  
3.00 Active Monitoring - the role of physio in 'no treatment'  
3.30 Pelvic Stretches, Mobilisations & Stabilisation  
4.00 Men's Health in your practice  

Registration Procedure

Registration is secured with your course payment (£140) which is fully refundable if you cancel before August 21, 2019, and/or transferable to another registrant up until September 6, 2019. Failing to attend without one week notice will not entitle a refund .  

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Sat, 21/09/2019 - 08:30